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Originally Posted by omega4 View Post
A good captain and leader gets the team to buy into his vision for the team, regardless of the team's personal desires and bias. It helps immensely if the captain doesn't play himself and offers up his spot to a teammate, as well as not regarding his teammates' concerns as "whining".

I take it you're not a good captain or leader then.
Geez, were you born an A-hole or have you been working on it your whole life?

Maybe I am a bad captain. Although, it is kind of hard to justify pulling yourself from a playoff lineup when you are one of the top 3 players. I find that detrimental to the team. I am not a captain who makes a team so I have a place to play; I put teams to together to make a run at nationals. Teams like mine attract better players but at the same time bigger egos.

Everyone bought into my vision on getting to nationals; it is the irrational visions of their own games that cause friction. Some people think they will magically become mentally tough come playoffs when they choked matches in regular season matches.

I take it you are one of those who win 2/3rds of your matches but think you still deserve a playoff slot. This is not the first time you have attacked something I said. You don't like how I handle cheaters and now you don't like how I captain... Strangely, I doubt we have ever met; if we have, I can't imagine I liked you.
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