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Life is about going to bank on winning the lottery or do you go to work every day to earn money? No one is "foolish" for trying for the pros. However, as a player trains full time, we get more information to adjust the plan.

Nadal.....obvious results along the way.....great idea to go only for the pros. Quinzi.....obvious results after 7 years of training....pretty decent icdea to go for the pros.

DB....12 years of full tennis, no ATP ranking, no futures wins......not a very good idea of bypassing college....but whatever, I did not say impossible....I said if he goes to IMG to focus on tactics/strategy then maybe he can change his odds.

Hypothetical player.....trains for tennis....never gets into top 20 of any USTA group.....very bad idea to go for pro tennis. See? We adjust the plan based on results along the way.

This is not dream killing, its kids train longer and longer full time tennis we use their results to adjust the plan of college or pros. Thats what I will do. At age 8 she won a rec tourny, a girls 12, and finaled in another girls 12.

So far, she is showing some ability. We will see if that continues in the 14s,16s,18s,top ITFs-Jr. slams at older ages. No great to college.
Like I said most wont understand this article and like I expected you were the 1st one to step up and claim your prize !
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