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Originally Posted by omega4 View Post
A good captain and leader gets the team to buy into his vision for the team, regardless of the team's personal desires and bias. It helps immensely if the captain doesn't play himself and offers up his spot to a teammate, as well as not regarding his teammates' concerns as "whining".

I take it you're not a good captain or leader then.
I personally read this to mean that you haven't ever been captain.

I think the biggest thing about being captain is communicating up front what players should expect. If you want to be a team that is run very competitively then tell people that before the season and when they have the chance to find a new team. If you want to have a team more for game development and socializing then tell people that up front. But for competitive teams there are still going to be times when you hurt someone's feelings and you just have to be OK with that. People on tennis teams normally put their own desires first and are often a bit delusional about their own skill sets. When there are a limited spots in a playoff lineup then tough decisions need to be made and I think as captain the only thing you can do is use all the available information and be willing to express to your team why you made that choice. Be open to everyone's input but also keeping in mind that it is impossible to make everyone happy.
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