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Originally Posted by Hannah19 View Post
I would consider U$35.00 for a nice Graphite Pro a fair offer nowadays.
You may end up paying around U$50.00 if it's near mint but he is asking n.o.s. prices for a used racket.
Three years ago, maybe he could have fetched U$70.00 to U$80.00 but not today..!!
The last two NOS that sold on the bay went for $28 after shipping - I bought that one - and I think the one a week later went for about $36 after shipping. I have seen them in 8+ condition sell for as little as $15 after shipping.

Just out of curiosity, which grip size are you looking for Pshulam? I wouldn't mind picking up one more in 4 1/2 at some point and I am wondering if we will be bidding against each other some time.
Let's try this Textreme 95 for a while.
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