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Well...I adjust my tensions depending on relative string stiffness, racket stiffness, hybriding and expected tension loss with the ultimate goal of getting a similar depth of pocket/dwell time from racket to racket. Remember that Isospeed recommends to string their Classic line 10% higher and I usually just go 6lbs each time. But I do have a general starting points for full string jobs on one type of string. In my PK Redondo 93, I start around 47lbs for full poly whereas a full multi or gut I start around 56-58 and with full IsospeedCC I may string as high as 62lbs. That is for one type string jobs though.

At the same time, tension in my rackets may not feel similar in your rackets because of stiffness, string pattern, head size, etc. For example, in my PK Redondo Mid compared to my PK Black Ace Mid(same exact mold but stiffer), I string the PK BA 3+ lbs lower to get a similar pocketing effect in both rackets with the same setup. Its seems to me that I get extra tension loss over time on my Redondo's compared any other stiffer rackets like the PK BA so I adjust for that also. I do not have a string tension checker so this is going purely by feel.

I could make a better starting recommendation if you answer these questions:
-What is your typical full poly tension and go to string?
-Have you used Silverstring as a full bed or hybrid and at what tensions?
-Do you use different tensions for the main and cross?
-Do you prefer a string bed that is more on the pocketing side or more on the "boardy" side?

If you must know though, in my Redondo I string
-IsospeedCC/Topspin Poly Polar at 62/55 and
-Topspin Poly Polar/IsospeedCC at 50/48.
Again the goal for me though is trying to get a somewhat similar feel in the way it pockets.

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Especially what's the best difference between poly and that multi?
As a full string job it's comfort.

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