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Originally Posted by mellowyellow
As I remember the French media had said he was implicated when the entire Puerto scandal broke, that seems VERY Lance like to me. The Spanish Govt has blocked any effort to uncover who those people are/were. Why did Nadal not follow through with his law suit? Simple answer is the evidence locked away by the Spanish govt would have to be made public to clear his name. Thats why no follow through, thats why no pressure with a law suit, the French made no public apology for "defamation" on Nadal regarding PED use and Puerto involvement. The ball was in his court and he is still holding it.
The French media? You trust the French media? That's like trusting a French used car salesman. Not only it's a car salesman, it's a French one!

The French are so jealous of Spanish athletic achievement that they have not problem speaking out of their arse to implicate Spanish sportsmen in any scandal they can think of. Where is the evidence, yellow belly man?
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