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Originally Posted by Laurie View Post
I think it it easy to get carried away when looking in hindsight 14 years after the event but I don't think that performance was overated by any stretch of the imagination, it is easy to get caught up in overexcitement and make pronouncements.

But in context, Agassi had just won the French Open so became the first player in decades to hold all four majors in his career. Plus the day before he played one of the best matches I have seen Andre play against Rafter in straight sets (semis were on Saturday due to weather problems backing up the schedule). And he was set to take over as world number 1 and was seen as slight favourite with the pundits / media.

And after being 3:3 love 40 in the 1st set, the pundits thought their prediction would be realised, so the way Sampras responded from that position is not overated, it was his best performance in a big match, its a shame it wasn't an epic because that's what people want to remember (five set thrillers) but Agassi was playing really well and Sampras just raised his level to where Agassi couldn't match.

Sampras' performance against Stich was excellent, his return of serve and passing shots were superb on a slightly muddy surface (again bad weather to blame there).

yeah, problem is in the wimbledon 99 final while pete's serving, volleying, ground game were all brilliant , his returning wasn't. it wasn't anywhere near stellar.

agassi's returning, ground game and passing were all very good, but serving ? only 44% first serves in... that simply does not cut it for him against any good grass court player ..

and inspite of that sampras had 'only' 61% of the serves returned

put any excellent server on the other side of the net ... pete would've struggled a lot more ....

contrast to 63% of the serves returned vs a far superior serve & serving performance by stich in wimbledon 92 QF

also I've heard people saying loads of things like he thumped agassi from the baseline & all that .....really ? they were about equal from the baseline ...

and then this one takes the cake :

"Maybe not in terms of the scoreline, but Sampras totally outplayed Agassi in that match, even in rallying and returning."

I was like WTF !?

which is why I said the match was over-rated ....

Originally Posted by Laurie View Post
I also like Sampras' performance against Bjorkman in 2000, that's not talked about much but Sampras made Bjorkman look almost like an amateur for a set and a half.
haven't seen that match ..
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