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Originally Posted by Jackofalltrades View Post
When would be the time to switch to a new, heavier, racquet for an advancing hardhitting junior?

In my case:
my daughter 14 years old, hardhitter, just starting to grow fast, plays for the last 3 years with standard lenght 270grams /9,5 oz? unstrung weight racquets. Solid strokes with easy racquethandling.

I'm convinced she can handle heavier racquets easily, but dont want to risk injuries. What's the best thing to do?
- Experiment with leadtape?
- Try a heavier racquet with similar swingweight?
- Demo different racquets and then try the racquet she most likes?
- Other?
I've always heard the best advice is swing with the heaviest stick you can handle until performance drops. Anything less than 12oz for me feels like a toy that I can't control or penetrate the court with.

Please remember, kids have been playing tennis for years, but light stiff racquets are a relatively new product. Chrissy and Steffi grew up with 12oz plus sticks and they kinda turned out "ok"!
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