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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
I think everyone here understands there are exceptions to general rules and that exceptions do not negate general rules. Thanks for the explanation, though, I understand better now, I think.

I wonder if you think your player's possible success in the pro ranks.....based on his record and training to date.....would be consistent with the general rule or would be an exception to it.
We have failed here for years here in the USTA playing according to age groups , not levels , I understood when I saw a kid here in So . Cal win 73 matches and lose 2 moon-balling , he went on a couple of years later to win the OB and Eddie Herr , everyone was talking pro but I saw the "level" / style he was playing and realized there is a certain "level" the pros play at and it comes down to 2 things on the pro level conditioning and belief !

My player went to the OB this year ranked 633 in the ITF's I told him he had what they had and more after his 1 st round he told me the ITF's are no different then one of our top nationals , his hitting , movement , conditioning ,ect were all on that level but heading there after his outing at the USOpen his belief was not fully there after beating some of the ITF's top players the belief has build up .
As for us it will be the exception but with much homework and observation of what it takes for the next level and the one thing that has no guarantees on the next level is results !
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