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Originally Posted by BevelDevil View Post
Cheetah and Always_Crosscourt:

Always_Crosscourt uses a SW bh grip, so given this I can see how he's generating power by rotating through contact with no body deceleration.

There are also select occasions when I see pros, esp. Wawrinka, appear to do the same (usually on deep balls hit right at him).

However, for typical pro 1hbh (and most good ones), the shoulders decelerate through contact while the arm continues moving. That's why the "textbook" 1hbh advocates stopping the shoulders perpendicular to the net (like Federer). And that's why the left hand often flares out before contact. While many pros open up their chests more, the principle is still holding true.

The typical 1hbh is basically a "pull" stroke, like Federer's forehand.

The easiest analogy to this principle might be swinging a long axe with both hands. All the "oomph" takes place well before contact, and the momentum of the axe head is what carries it to the target. Perhaps that's why 1-handers seem to prefer heavy rackets.

On the 1hbh, maximum acceleration of the handle should be achieved well before contact, thus no further body rotation is useful.

No conscious thought is needed to do this on the 1hbh. Just an ingrained body checking motion (left arm out), proper weight transfer, and perhaps just an intuition about "throwing" the racket at the target.
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