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Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post


Of course it was. No need need to repeat, repeat my *ah hem* unassailable contention.

Originally Posted by Bartelby
For years and years Fox rightists dominated rants and raves.

I stumbled across the political content and went back throught the years at the time so

I was astonished to find this flourishing right wing political world as I never knew it existed.
Never knew that a different politcal school of thought existed? Really? Well you don't strike me as a naive idiot, far from it, so your professed ingorance of this right-wing beast's existence comes off as disingenous, self serving b.s., i.e. "I had to come in and rescue the board from this monster that I HAD NO IDEA EXISTED!!!". Pleeeasssee. The picture I referenced in my previous post (originally posted by the venerable Mike Bulgakov) was the avatar of a poster 'Phil' who was in my opinion an awesome, entertaining and a very bright left winger who was anything but a wallflower, i.e. Phil could bring it with the best of them. Another non-wallflower poster was Fee (still on the board) who was very left of center. Both of them were a delight. Further, they were here YEARS before you, so to claim R&R was the sole domain of neo-cons is bosh.

Originally Posted by Bartelby
I decided to join in and offer a discordant political perspective and I gathered a few allies in the process.
No you didn't. You sought to (at every opportunity) single out the U.S. in one cherry picking thread after another. All the US's warts aside, if there was some egregious transgression happening elsewhere, that was pretty much a no-comment issue since it wouldn't fit inside your 'targeted' agenda.

Originally Posted by Bartelby
I was initially ignored, but then ...

The Fox right exploded into anger and started to hit the moderation button so hard and so often that the whole thread was shut down over night.

At the time of the first Wikileaks exposure the discussion was repressed.
*sob* You had a thread axed? Join the crowd-we all have.

Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
Yes, I researched this at the time and the right wing commentary was going on for years virtually unchallenged.
Total bosh (repeat: the Phil, Fee, et al post above).

Originally Posted by Bartelby
The most infamous thread was the Obama is not American one that lasted forever.
That idiotic thread WAS YEARS AFTER you joined this board.

Beyond all that, I can sum this up thusly: most of the Enlightened Coleaths, the Objective Danny's and those of their one-track, partisan ilk were not even true political conservatives in the strict sense of the word (esp. in foreign policy) but were Chaney-Bush-Rumsfeld NEO-cons. And on the other side of the political aisle, I saw in a thread that dealt with a basic American freedom pertaining to "separation of church and state" (i.e. no religion imposes itself on or in public institutions), you advocating disregarding the United States Constitution's 1st Amendment and throwing it out the window in the interests of advancing your "discordant political perspective." I and others, saw that not as true liberalism in the purest sense of the word (in this case, freedom from religious institution impositions) but as the new neo-liberalism: draconian and arbitrarily applied.
(Thread: Harvard to have to make an EXCEPTION to accomodate a person exercising at the fitness center on religious practice grounds). Strip away any political school of thought and broken down to its core, it was a you, a foreigner advocating abandonment of a Constitutional tenent for the sake of your politics.


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