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Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
i could be off base, but given that you don't know how to install grommet strips properly after having strung 100 racquets, i'm more inclined to believe the string snapped due to operator error.

however, if your 2 sets of TF Black Code had QC issues, it likely affected an entire mfg batch/run of string and wasn't only isolated to your sets so you can try calling up TW and ask if they've had a rash of recent breakage reports. if alot of folks have been reporting the same issue, they might do something for you.
For the grommet strips, turns out my client gave me 85 grommets with bumber guard, but the racket she gave me was a pst per bumber guard. I was under the assumption that the two were compatible. But I do know how to install new grommets.
I guess I'll contact tw.
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