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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
Yes, public courts are often reserved for lessons, drills, etc. There should be a sign posted on what time and for what purpose the courts are reserved. Sometimes, though, the parks department is too unorganized to actually post the appropriate sign. The guy may very well have been teaching a parks department class for which he got paid little, if anything, because he wants to help kids learn tennis. Maybe he is just doing this on his own for free to help the neighborhood kids.

Of course you are far too important to take the needs of some lowly ragamuffins into account.
I have been on both sides of this issue. As a player looking for courts to use and I see an organzied class, I inquire with the person in charge about using free courts or when his class is done. No need to get nuts. I also run summer tennis classes that use public (High School) courts and have never had a problem explaining to players that I have these courts from time a to time B.. these days of the week. I also have to explain because of insurance reasons I can't allow them to play next to my little 5-6 year olds. Most folks get that. The only major issue I have ever had.... (of course USTA players).. trying play league matches on courts at the same time I am having High School Team practice. They try to claim the courts..and I ask them for a building use permit... I get what??? These are public courts!!! Of course they are when the High School Team is not using them. So.. it goes.. just because you think they are for public use.. you better check with the HS or the parks department before you get all worked up and make an Ahole of yourself in front of a bunch of young adults and parents.

If I was giving a private lesson on a public court.. and players asked to use the court I would give it up as in most cases, giving private lessons on public courts is very much only allowed when there is an open court.
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