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Originally Posted by Tennis_Hands View Post
I am sure, that they seem boring/snide to you, because you are one unbiased and fair poster.

In 2003 Nadal beat the reigning champion of RG Alert Costa at the tournament in Monte Carlo and 1998 RG champion Carlos Moya in Hamburg. By the matches you mention, he was an established claycourt player (reflected by his claycourt record, ranking and place in the Spanish Davis Cup team).

So, I am not using a hindsight, and you, trying to show how much of a non-factor Nadal was on clay, just to boost his image as a mental giant in those particular instances, is laughable.

I particularly enjoyed your "At the time of the 2006 Rome final, Federer had 7 majors to Nadal's 1" and " it was only their third match on a clay-court", having in mind, that none of those 7 Majors was on clay, Federer had won none of their matches on clay and Nadal was firmly established clay-court force by then. Forget the fact, that the unfavourable match-up was already evident (leading the H2H) .

All in all, the way you use your "knowledge", to support your bias, is comical.
And you're not biased? You're one of the most biased, Nadal hating posters on this forum. Self-awareness is certainly not one of your attributes.
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