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Originally Posted by tennis tom View Post
I don't believe anything this guy is saying, this is a TROLL post. Public courts are used by pros to give lessons everywhere .
Public courts are used by tennis coaches to give lessons. But this is not allowed everywhere. In my area public community courts cannot be reserved and tennis coaches cannot use them for giving private lessons. Tennis lessons are only at public tennis centers and private community courts and clubs.

This of course doesn't stop them from trying to do so. I have had some coaches giving private lessons kicked off community courts over the years. I usually get challenged. I simply point to signs if that are usually posted "No private lessons" . If they make some BS claim they have a contract with the city. I say I know you are lying to me because I know what the laws are. I have the phone numbers of the local rec office in my cell phone. I offer to call and verify that the coach has the courts reserved and they are allowed to give private lessons on public courts. So far 100% of them leave after that.
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