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Originally Posted by Cup8489 View Post
while I understand that it is an exho, this is why I think pete would struggle with today's heavy spin. Most of today's players are able to defend even the biggest hitter's biggest shots, and many of them hit bigger than pete ( see Berdych's record against the top 4, outright atrocious despite his ridiculously easy power off the forehand)

Pete leaves almost every ball short, and out right shanks the backhand.

Nadal would trouble him significantly everywhere but grass, and even grass would be close. He'd beat pete easily on clay, and probably 5/10 or 6/10 on today's hardcourts, which is the context of what this thread was about anyway.

Just my two cents. Pete's game was for a different era.
While I think using an exo for an example is probably not great, I see the point. Perhaps Sampras would have been more inclined to use a larger frame right away? He doesn't do too bad on the senior tour with his 98.
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