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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post

I buy bags for their functionality. Near zero brand loyalty here.

I'm using last generation's Babolat Aero 12pack "LOOK AT ME BRIGHT YELLOW" bag to store my Wilson BLX90's. Although I can see why it gives some people a mind f*** with the mentioned combination, haha.
Well, the Boris Becker bags function just fine for me.

In my opinion, it's just tacky for me to play with a racquet and carry another brand of bags. It's just how I function.
It doesn't mess with my mind, it just gives me the judgement that he/she doesn't have brand loyalty or doesn't care about what he/she uses.

That's why I've seen people at the last tournament I was in use only Babolats, and cheap racquets from Walmart,Academy, Dick's, etc.
I've only seen 1 guy use a Volkl and others use "noob" racquets from Head,Wilson, and Prince.
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