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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
not too sure about that. even on the slowest hardcourts pete could probably hit through a lot of the loopy topspin. think Soderling/delpo/bergych on steroids, not to mention his serve and all court game.

you guys underrate pete. the guy was a mentally and physically strong and has great touch. he was an all-court player, not just a serve and a forehand. On contemporary hardcourts it would be interesting, even fun to watch, but on fast hardcourts or grass i don't see rafa troubling him at all.

Pete Vs. Rafa would have been fun to watch. we can only speculate about hypotheticals.
This is what I was thinking. Pete's serve is going to be huge on any surface, as is his forehand. True, opponents may get a few more serves back, and maybe Pete can't get his forehand through people quite as much. But, the slowdown in surfaces isn't going to completely neutralize him by any means. In fact, it probably hurts most of his opponents more - those with average power, average weapons, who could previously get the upperhand in some points due to the speed of the court. Plus, now Pete has more time.

It's kind of like when Tiger Woods came along and there was talk of "tiger proofing" courses by making them longer, the rough more penal. Well, sure that hurts Tiger a little bit, but it hurts everyone else even more.
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