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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
People forget (or never knew) that sweat is hypoosmolar to plasma with regard to "salt" (sodium and chloride), i.e. what you sweat out has less salt in it than your blood plasma. This means the amount of salt you need to consume during a match is very low, really negligible. I'd be concerned about consuming very saline liquids like pickle juice as there's a risk of raising your BP with too much salt, potentially dangerous during physical activity that raises your BP in any event.

I guess it is not surprising that there are some who are "salty swearters" - I sort of suspected this as a reason some must resort to extremes like drinking pickle juice.

But this reference from Florida State is the first I have come across that puts the number of "salty sweaters" as high as 10-15%.

This really changes my thinking on dehydration and hyponatremia.

How about you?

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