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Originally Posted by newyorkstadium View Post
Is there any data I can use to get the spin potential of a hybrid?

I've read a lot about textured strings losing there texture and becoming smooth, very quickly. In this sense, is the spin data on textured strings irrelevant?

Some string are missing from the performance database and string finder. It's a long list but I can post it if it's helpful.
We tested several hybrids (and won't test more because the combinations are infinite!). Go here (it takes a long time for the page to load):

Spin is caused mostly by the mains, so even if the cross string gets smooth by the main rubbing up and down its length, the main string will keep its texture (except in the groove where it is sliding). So, for as much as texture influences spin (sticky string-to-ball interaction is not as important as slippery string-to-string interaction), it shouldn't change much. But I have never tested that.

There are strings missing from the database. The new ones will be filled as they come in as best as possible. We will probably not go backwards and add older strings (more than a year old).
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