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Some gauges of strings are missing. Also, some strings are in the performance database but there is no spin potential data.

Do you plan any experiments on the effects of grip size on spin? It is said a smaller grip increases wrist flexion, rotation and accelerates pronation, which increases spin and head-speed. However, the science of this is not known. It is also said that a smaller gripsize improves serves, via increased wrist snap, but again there is no science on the subject.

From your articles, it seems 60lbs tension increases spin more then 30lbs for cross strings. What about in between these figures, is 40 better then 60? Do you plan any experiments that go below 30lbs, as some TW posters have tried?

Is there an at-home method to measure the COF of a string-bed?

I have a list of the strings missing if you ever need it.


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