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Originally Posted by fgs View Post
i did play both of them and i do really find that they are pretty much comparable.
according to my notes and memory i rated them on par in respect to power (lower powered strings), control (pretty good) and feel (just average in my opinion). i seemed to get slightly more spin out of the big hitter silver rough and in terms of comfort (average) and tension maintenance (good) they were on par again.
durability is where i had rather different ratings, the tourna string breaking in 4 hours while the typhoon lasted for 8. BUT!!!!, while i had the big hitter silver rough in the sticks, i had the chance to practice twice with a former challengers player, so that was a completely different environment than the typhoon saw - a lot more intensive and faster than my regular practices. therefore i would not count this durability thing as a superior feat of the typhoon - i'm sure that under the same circumstances, the typhoon would not have lasted longer!

in the last couple of years i have played mainly with my son, who is now close to getting 14. two years ago i was still aveeraging around 10-12 hitting hours with a string while in the mean time i have dropped to 6-8.
fgs, thanks for your feedback..really helpful!I guess some tried both!
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