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Nice write up DD.

Interesting point about teams & calibrators. TBH, it would be better for them to carry ERT 300's and test the string job afterwards, adjusting tensions accordingly.

As for the question of a machine "stringing tight", as long as it has been calibrated accurately you can say that it's pulling correctly. Of course we know that different, high quality machines, will be calibrated correctly but produce different (string job) results. Players should be adjusting tensions based on playing conditions. Ideally any player arriving at a tournament should have 1 rqt strung at their preferred tension and adjust after hitting with it.

I tend to string everything 1 piece unless 1) the player specifies 2 piece (usually if there are 2 different tensions), 2) hybrid, or 3) its a s$#t string (Barbwire) and 2 piece is easier to deal with especially in 18x20 patterns. So even 2 different tension will be strung 1 piece.

I'm lucky in that I see a lot of the same players so I get used to their requirements. It makes it easier when they drop the rqts off as it's a simple "Same again?"

With Nottingham, it comes down to managing the load, prioritising rqts and late nights & early mornings. Something learnt with experience.

Great effort DD, and thanks for the vids.


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