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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
yeah, problem is in the wimbledon 99 final while pete's serving, volleying, ground game were all brilliant , his returning wasn't. it wasn't anywhere near stellar.

agassi's returning, ground game and passing were all very good, but serving ? only 44% first serves in... that simply does not cut it for him against any good grass court player ..

and inspite of that sampras had 'only' 61% of the serves returned

put any excellent server on the other side of the net ... pete would've struggled a lot more ....

contrast to 63% of the serves returned vs a far superior serve & serving performance by stich in wimbledon 92 QF

also I've heard people saying loads of things like he thumped agassi from the baseline & all that .....really ? they were about equal from the baseline ...

and then this one takes the cake :

"Maybe not in terms of the scoreline, but Sampras totally outplayed Agassi in that match, even in rallying and returning."

I was like WTF !?

which is why I said the match was over-rated ....

haven't seen that match ..
Gosh ABMK, you sound like you are having a moan just to be contrary.
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