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Originally Posted by Tshooter View Post
Hank Pfister USA 1977-1988 1HB ( His big shot was his serve. he had a big serve)

Sherwood Stewart USA 1968-1984 (didn't he used to play doubles with Marty Riessen ? I don't remember his game. I would be very surprised if he hit a 2HB)

Bruce Manson USA 1974-1984 1HB. (For a little trivia, I also kinda remember Bruce was the best man at Harold Solomon's wedding.)

Steve Denton USA 1981-1987 1HB. (He used to play doubles with Kevin Curren who sometimes would hit a 2HF in addition to mostly using a 1HF)
Stewart does have a 1HBH - pure serve and volleyer - played with Freddy McNair
Denton same 1Hbh and runs King Daddy Tennis Academy in Texas
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