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I got two playtest sets from Solinco and used them both throughout the last few weeks. Tension remaining constant, obviously it was softer than my normal set up of Tour Bite 17 mains and Gosen OG Crosses. The response from the string bed was slightly mushier than the solid, crisp feel of regular Tour Bite. I've had problems in the past with my elbow, and I haven't had any elbow fatigue with the new Tour Bite Soft. I felt that playability was almost the same after getting used to the new soft strings. I think the biggest difference for me will just be playability duration. I found a hybrid job of tour bite 17 losing it's feel and pop in under about 8 hours. So far I've felt better playability for a longer duration from the Tour Bite Soft.

I'm making the switch from Tour Bite 17 to Tour Bite Soft 17. Just ordered 3 reels for myself and teammates.
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