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Originally Posted by spot View Post
There are many different ways to successfully run a team. We had a team that was nicely balanced between social and competitive. Everyone on the team would play at least 3 times if they had good availability but in the biggest weeks and in playoffs we were going to put out the best lineup that we could. If we had space we would add the best players that we could that were also a social fit.
^^^^ That's pretty much the approach I take as captain these days.

In the past I've captained 'social' teams where everyone got to play the same number of matches, regardless of strength. It was fun for a while but we were never competitive, and as a team we got tired of being bottom feeders.

I've also captained a 'mercenary' team, where the goal from the outset was clear - we were going to play the best available players every week. We did very well but never really bonded as a team.

These days I try for a balance. Better players will play a bit more, but I still try get everyone in the mix. I view this is as one of my goals as captain - to win as a team while getting everyone involved, and to give even the weaker players a chance to win some individual matches. Against the stronger teams, I put out our strongest lineup, but against weaker teams, I put in some of the weaker players on our team and try anticipate the oher team's lineup so as to create winnable matchups for my guys.
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