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Originally Posted by Hops View Post
I'm doing a scrub/update of my player database and one of the fields added is whether said player had 1H or 2H backhand. ATP site is no help here, so the search is usually:

Wikipedia or ITF player page - good for recent players, less so farther back
Player image/video evidence - Google, Youtube, etc.
Web archives, player news/magazine articles

and if still no luck ... well that's why I'm here, hope this group can help out. I'll be posting intermittently in player batches of 20, and need assignment in one of three categories: 1H, 2H, or 2H with 2H forehand (e.g. Santoro, Gambill). I suppose there is fourth choice - 1H BH with 2H FH - but haven't run across any examples.

thanks in advance - and will be interested where you got the information (personal recollection, specific website, etc.)

Player Country Active
Hank Pfister USA 1977-1988
Ray Ruffels AUS 1968-1979
Barry Phillips-Moore AUS 1968-1978
Brad Drewett AUS 1976-1990
Russell Simpson NZL 1973-1987
Patrice Dominguez FRA 1971-1981
Jan Gunnarsson SWE 1982-1992
Danie Visser RSA 1982-1990
Bernie Mitton RSA 1973-1984
Syd Ball AUS 1969-1982
Sherwood Stewart USA 1968-1984
Marty Davis USA 1981-1989
Bruce Manson USA 1974-1984
Bob Giltinan AUS 1968-1979
Jiri Hrebec CZE 1971-1981
John Feaver GBR 1971-1984
Karl Meiler GER 1970-1983
Steve Denton USA 1981-1987
Colin Dowdeswell GBR 1973-1986
Paul Kronk AUS 1972-1984
Gunnarson is the only guy with a two fisted Bh of that list, if I am not wrong.
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