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Originally Posted by Hops View Post
thanks Moose and dominkk1985 for your replies. 20 more ...

Player Country Active

Milan Holecek CZE 1968-1976
John James AUS 1972-1981
John Yuill RSA 1973-1980
Rolf Gehring GER 1975-1984
Nick Saviano USA 1976-1983
Terry Moor USA 1976-1985
Francisco Gonzalez PAR 1977-1986
Pascal Portes FRA 1978-1985
Andreas Maurer GER 1979-1988
Eddie Edwards RSA 1980-1988
Ben Testerman USA 1981-1987
Nduka Odizor NGR 1982-1990
Greg Holmes USA 1983-1989
Eric Jelen GER 1984-1991
Dan Goldie USA 1984-1991
Luiz Mattar BRA 1986-1995
Bryan Shelton USA 1989-1997
Lars Jonsson SWE 1990-1997
Stefano Pescosolido ITA 1990-2004
Jens Knippschild GER 1997-2002
Maybe Jelen,Holmes and Portes had a two handed shot, but the rest is one handed
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