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Hank Pfister USA 1977-1988 1HB ( His big shot was his serve. he had a big serve)

Sherwood Stewart USA 1968-1984 (didn't he used to play doubles with Marty Riessen ? I don't remember his game. I would be very surprised if he hit a 2HB)

Bruce Manson USA 1974-1984 1HB. (For a little trivia, I also kinda remember Bruce was the best man at Harold Solomon's wedding.)

Steve Denton USA 1981-1987 1HB. (He used to play doubles with Kevin Curren who sometimes would hit a 2HF in addition to mostly using a 1HF)
Denton reached the top ten from 1982 till 1984 and reached two AO finals, losing both of them to Kriek.A big big server, one of the toughest serves to cope I can remember.Has wins over Gerulaitis,Mc Enroe and a few other in his best season, 1982 ( he was a Wimbledon and US Open fourth rounder)

Pfister was also a big server, who played doubles with Vic Amaya, they won the 1980 FO and lost the 1982 USo to Curren...and Denton

Manson, I always thought he was far more talented than he showed.He beat Borg in the 1979 Palms Springs first round and defeated Clerc and Mc Namara, two solid top ten memebers in the 1981 USO, where Gerulaitis defeated him at the quarter finals.

Stewart, one of the greatest doubles specialists of the 70īs, playing first with Mc Nair and later with Riessen.Always played the left side.texan born.
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