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Pretty impressive play from USC and Ohio State at this tournament. I don't know what to make of Ohio State. They looked like the #2 in the country by a whisker at this tournament, but got upset by Texas A&M a week ago. Ille Van Engelen is not ready to play yet, and they had a January admit from overseas who was not cleared in time to play and was listed as #5. They will be a team to watch in the spring.

USC graduates Steve Johnson and Daniel Nguyen, and still dominates Texas A&M and Kentucky, fights off the challenge from UCLA, makes it to the final, and gives UVa a great match.

The entire singles lineups at USC and UCLA will be back next year. Only Brigham in doubles will graduate from UCLA, and no doubles grads from USC. I don't see Virginia as super-dominant this year or next. College tennis is too deep in competition for real dominance these days.

Congrats to UVa for a national indoor title. Outdoor season will be interesting.
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