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Nice win for Virginia. This week confirms my suspicion that they are going to be almost untouchable at 2 & 3. That pretty much forces teams to win of 4 of 5 on the rest of a stacked lineup. OSU and USC showed that it was possible, but couldn't come through.

USC looked pretty good this week. Quiroz and Gomez look better than I remember. Johnson is a great #6. They are still a title contender, but they need Sarmiento be a force at #1. Going 0-3 against Rossi, Novikov, and Jenkins doesn't cut it.

I think UCLA is probably second best. It's tough to lose a close match to USC, but they were in six of the seven points, with the seventh being a really streaky player.

There is a bit of a dropoff to OSU at 4. Blaz Rola was the best player in Washington this week, and you have to think that he is the top #1 in America (the only player at any slot who might be better is Domijan). There's no shame in a 7-5 third set loss to Domijan for Kobelt. If Van Engelen can come in and get them wins at 5, they become the nation's fourth elite team.

Beyond that is anyone's guess. Duke is probably fifth, but there has been way too much inconsistency. Georgia showed some signs of life without Singh. Rossi had a great weekend for a solid Kentucky team. Pepperdine was really disappointing, IMO. TAMU was awful, but Vinsant and Withrow may have been injured. Really, though, these teams (with the possible exception of Duke) proably have a ceiling of the Semis.
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