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Originally Posted by gameboy View Post
The link is just another anecdote. And you can easily do a scientific study on impact injuries caused by a hammer versus feather.

The study is required because for many millenia, it was assumed that a heavier object falls faster and everybody just accepted it as a fact. It wasn't until someone did a scientific test that that was found not to be the case.

What is "obvious" to you is not obvious at all.

You can reply a thousand times over. It still does not change the fact that there is absolutely no scientific basis that supports poly cause more injuries.
But why would anyone need one? If you don't think that getting hit in the face with a hammer is any different than getting hit in the face with a feather, then there really isn't that much else to say.

So I guess getting kicked in the balls doesn't really hurt either? Because I've never seen a scientific study that tells me it's supposed to hurt? And as you know, without scientific studies, we don't know right from wrong, up from down, nor left from right.

"You CANNOT be serious!!"
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