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Default Gamma 6004 vs Neos 1500 base clamps? Worth upgrade?

Hi all,

I'm hoping for some input/advice on the Gamma 6004 and Prince Neos 1500. It seems like there are a number of helpful TT folks who have (or used) one or the other, and a search yields recommendations for both. I'm hoping there are folks who have some experience with both.

My specific question is about the base clamps. Is there a difference between the 1500's "Quick click" and the 6004's "Switch action" base clamps? Is one any easier/smoother to use than the other? There a few Tube videos of the 6004 in action (including our own Mr10sStringer ) but I can't find any on the 1500.

EDIT: Thanks Lakers (and the collective TT knowledge from old posts). After more research and re-reading old posts, I think now I would actually go with the Gamma 6004 2-point mount. But am going to hold off for a little bit until the right timing.

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