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I have captained both kinds of teams: Teams where the stated goal was to advance to playoffs, and teams where the stated goal was to play everyone equally.

Each has drawbacks. The trouble with playoff-bound teams is that no one wants to hear that so-and-so is stronger. And frankly, when you are talking about a group strong enough to win their flight, it becomes hard to know for sure who is stronger. Feelings are hurt.

If you have a team that plays everyone equally, the strongest players eventually start to complain. They don't like the weak partner they get. They get demoralized by all the losing. And most importantly, having a losing team makes it very hard to recruit, as even middling players don't want to be on a bottom-feeding team.

The hardest part for me is dealing with players whose tennis skills do not keep up as everyone else gets bumped, or players who for whatever reason (injury, family, financial) see their skills degrade.

I try not to kick anyone to the curb for poor performance (have only had to do this once since 2006 when no one would play with the lady), but I would sure appreciate it if these players recognized that I am being generous in keeping them on the roster. I mean, if you are losing losing losing and you only get to play three times that season and have a revolving door of partners, there could be a reason for this other than captain incompetence.
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