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Originally Posted by colan5934 View Post
Thanks for your input. I strung one up this morning with Tour Bite mains and PPA crosses at 50 all around. Feels better. I've played low tensions before, so that's a minimal adjustment. My coach doesn't have Thunder Blast in the shop, so I might have to order a set to try. I feel like this soreness is going to persist for awhile.

To your Tour Bite Soft question, I tried it, and it just wasn't the same. Just not crisp enough for me when compared to the regular tour bite.

My coach does provide string, but only Kirschbaum Super Smash (insanely stiff) and Prince Synthetic Duraflex
I have not tried either version of Tour Bite. My B5E/Thunder blast hybrid never seemed all that stiff and I got crazy spin with it. Might be worth trying a half set of that.
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