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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
^^^Great questions raised TCF! So is a good/great coach only defined by the success of his/her athletes? Were a coach like RL more flexible in his delivery or coaching style (not necessarily his game philosophy), would he experience more success (i.e. instead of 10/1000's success ratio could his ratio be 100's/1000's)

Like I sad though, it could have been any coach with that style of delivery, I don't want this to turn into a specific Lansdorp debate, only whether that style of delivery is effective and could constitute good coaching?

So Ash, if we take this in more general terms, in a college in a math Algebra class where there are 30 students sitting, does the teacher adapt the delivery of his teaching to meet 30 different students learning style?
why should this be any different in tennis when teaching the BASIC things?

I fully agree coaches most of the time take undue credit for the students success.
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