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There is no dropoff to 4 with Ohio state they are right there with the LA schools. They have the strongest top 2 in the nation and Smith playing very well. Weakness at 3 and 6. I would try Christ at 6.

USC is impressive yet again. The improvement of Gonez and Quiroz was huge. Also looks like De Vroome is the real deal. I think USC should play Gomez at 1 going forward he has a bigger game that can challenge the top guys.

UCLA needs to be more consistent. Novikov needs to bring it more often at 1 and Puger has been slightly disappointing at 3. Thompson should be great at 5 but had shown signs of weakness.

Virginia showed done vulnerability this weekend. They showed some cracks. Styslinger and R.Shane were expected to absolutely roll at 4 and 5. But they showed they are beatable. Domijan should not lose at 2 all year, only chance is if he faces Kobelt again.
Frank isn't as dominant this year as he was last year but he still won't lose much. Still the team to beat bit not a title shoo in.

Both UVA and Ohio State are traditionally indoor teams while the LA teams thrive more outdoor. We will see if that trend continues this year.

Outside of the top 4. Really only Duke can break the set semifinals. Pepperdine has a great top 4 but weak in doubles and 5 and 6. I think Kentucky with Lai at 6 could be a dangerous team. Texas A&M was a big letdown in this tournament after a big win. Oklahoma was a bit disappointing as well.
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