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Originally Posted by coachrick View Post
Does anyone remember when the Challenge No.1 was beefier? I played with the Professional wood model that was nearly identical to the early Ch. No.1 before the latter went more 'Maxply'-like. The newer Challenge felt like a noodle to me while the Professional was a fair bit stiffer in the throat.

I used to play mixed with a lady who used the Slaz Plus chromed steel model. She was a tiny thing; but she loved that racket. MY arm hurt just looking at it! I've got one on the wall; but I'm afraid I'll bust the strings first time out(and I don't feel compelled to restring it just for fun). My elbow twitches whenever I pull it down from the display wall .
Yeah, I remember the 'beefier' model. But I loved that last generation Challenge #1--I thought it looked great and played great. I used to string tight back in those days and the Slazengers held up better for me than the Maxply Forts I used previously.
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