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Originally Posted by tennis4 View Post
The machine arrives!

It took me more than 10 minutes to push the tension head handle. Now I am looking to put the clamp in. Stupid? I question myself a few times already. When I pull the clamp bottom wide open, I still can't put it into the glide bar. Is it me or the precision issue? The side screw holding the glide bar are too tight that I don't want to use too much force...

Right now I am having a machine but not able to put them together. Laught, laught, laught hard ... I don't know what is going on.
Not sure I understand the tension head issue. Are you sure the locking lever was disenaged? As far as the clamps are concerned, it doesn't sound like you've opened them up completely. See p.5 of the manual--you should be able to flip the clamp latch all the way over and that will open the bottom. Take your time and consult the manual.
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