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Just finished this experiment on one of my son's racquets.

Came out nice. Only used/had one starting clamp. Two clamps would have been ideal. Had to be a bit creative. Vertical weaving was fun and a different way of thinking.

Normally the racquet would be strung with WeissCannon Silverstring in mains at 20kg and Gosen OG Sheep (synthetic) in crosses at 22kg.

For this job I used Prince Experimental poly (whatever was handed out at Eddie Herr) in the "hitting strings" (center mains and crosses) and Gosen Sheep in the "supporting strings." The tensions used are the same as normal stringing: 20kg poly/22kg synthetic. I imagine that you would only want a tighter tension on the supporting strings. (If there are other ideas about this, let's discuss).

So I always measure with RacquetTune immediately after stringing. In the normal mains/crosses pattern the stringbed usually measures at close to the cross tension. So, close to 22kg. With the "Lendl string job" the stringbed tension measured at 19.7kg just after stringing!

So the center "hitting strings," the black poly in this case, seem to be less influenced by the tension, and perhaps the other properties, of the "supporting strings." This would seem to create a trampoline effect. The poly gives more and it seems like the strings will spread and cup the ball on impact better than in a typical hybrid pattern.

We will see how it plays, but it looks like you can really isolate and fine tune the center "hitting" strings.
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