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Originally Posted by lstewart View Post
If I was playing a non-poly set-up and it suited my game, I would stick with it. For me it seems to be all about trade-offs. I've generally been playing a poly main - multi cross hybrid. Great for topspin strokes, but I seem to generate too much spin on slice backhands and they sail long. Also am not crazy about my volley with poly in the frame. Have one racket that just has basic synthetic that came in it, and it feels much better on volleys and slice. Just don't get enough topspin. If I ever found any reasonably priced non poly that did not break right away, and that I got enough topspin with, I would be happy.
Originally Posted by DonDiego View Post
Try Rip control 17 on mains, and your prefered poly on crosses. You'll see a huge difference with volleys (comfort and control) and won't lose much else.
That used to be my go to setup until I moved to the Isospeed Classic strings. Durability with the poly in the cross tends to be quite low with this setup so I would recommend string savers in the area that you wear out the most.

Originally Posted by DonDiego View Post
It also depends on your racquet. I use a very headlight, control racquet with a 95 head. Not sure I would use this setup on a 100 head more evenly balanced.
I use a very headlight, control racket myself and still do not prefer full multi, gut or a combination of the two. But that's me...
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