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There is a spring-base stopper on the rod (attached to the tension head) where the handle attaches. It was so tight that I had a hard time to push the handle in so it can engage (lock).
At the end, I figure out there is a little "gap" so I push the handle downward and let the stopper fit into that gap, then push it in.

As far as installing the clamp is concerned, I have to remove the spring and everything, take the handle off the lock position, then the bottom can be open big enough, now it can be put on to the glide bar without any struggle.

At one point I felt so hopeless, I looked at the packaging box: was it made in china? no, it was made in taiwan. Anyway, it has nothing to do with that, it is such a mechanical marvel that my average IQ felt a little challenge.

Everything looks good. I wish the manual could be more detail.

I plan to give it a test run tomorrow. Thanks everyone for the help. I sure will post a few pictures to show off, at one point ...

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Not sure I understand the tension head issue. Are you sure the locking lever was disenaged? As far as the clamps are concerned, it doesn't sound like you've opened them up completely. See p.5 of the manual--you should be able to flip the clamp latch all the way over and that will open the bottom. Take your time and consult the manual.
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