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Originally Posted by TERRASTAR18 View Post
we will see but remember this wasn't a grand slam. care bear and woz beat her too but do you see them consistently beating me she still has a couple of levels to go. like was today the start of great serving in the future or a fluke. she had like a 80% 1st serve percentage and won 79% of the points. and is her willingness to attack a consistent new wrinkle or something or just a 1 off against a flat serena. and in the first and third sets serena played sluggish as hell. it's a good win but to me i'm not buying it as a landscape changer.
True this was not a grand slam, so we will have to see if Azarenka can repeat this performance in a slam event against Serena.

I will say this however, I have never been an Azarenka fan but she is starting to win me over because of her winning at all cost attitude. She had everything going against her at the AO but she managed to find the strength to pull off a win. Now in Doha, she came out and competed aggressively against Serena and pulled it off, something Sharapova has not been able to do to Serena in nine years!
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