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Originally Posted by Flash O'Groove View Post
Sampras had one of the best serve ever, a great forehand a great athleticism. He would at worse be a fat better version than Tsonga today. Which mean: he would't dominate and win dozen of slam, but he would be a contender everywhere except clay.
Great server...... check
athletic...... check
great forehand....... not so much

He would not be able to compete with these guys with that forehand. It's flashy and explosive, but it's just not the most consistent shot. It would get broken down and exploited with the kind of points he'd have to play. If he couldn't break through on clay in his era with it, he's not going to break through now most certainly. His serve makes him competative with anyone ever, but again he's dangerous floater territory rather then a favorite. A smaller and less athletic Tsonga is a good comparison.
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