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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Good points.

The one about focusing on depth is pretty realistic. Looking back, the depth seems to get shorter as the point grows longer, probably because the swing becomes more tentative???
That is what happens with me sometimes, so I would say yes. When I start doubting my swing my shots get a bit weaker or i'll miss hit.

It is really hard to be good at tennis mentally unless you have trained for a really long time. Something that helps me with being a little less tentative is deciding where I want to hit my next shot as early as possible. When my opponent's shot leaves his racquet I approximate where I am gonna return it from and decide what place on the court I am gonna try to place it. Don't change your mind unless you have to, because hesitation also can lead to miss hits.

Another huge huge huge tip that many rec players don't follow is to hit cross court more often. Cross court is a much safer shot under most circumstances and gives you more room for error than hitting up the middle or down the line. A lot of the time you will notice pros send back most shots they have difficulty with cross court so they can have a higher chance of it landing in.
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