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Originally Posted by uk_skippy View Post
Nice write up DD.

I tend to string everything 1 piece unless 1) the player specifies 2 piece (usually if there are 2 different tensions), 2) hybrid, or 3) its a s$#t string (Barbwire) and 2 piece is easier to deal with especially in 18x20 patterns. So even 2 different tension will be strung 1 piece.

With Nottingham, it comes down to managing the load, prioritising rqts and late nights & early mornings. Something learnt with experience.

Great effort DD, and thanks for the vids.


finally! so glad to see a pro stringing 1 pc. every stringer i know says 2pc is better now i can tell them that Paul does 1 pc whenever possible! good stuff. i prefer to do 1pc myself.
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