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I was told that ALTA was supposed to be friendly, laid-back socializing league doubles. Is that not the case?

Or are you describing an example of the exception, rather than the rule, with your story about a team exercising undue influence with ALTA officials and the other team threatening to involve the media?

Originally Posted by chatt_town View Post
Yea, some woman/coordinator just tried to tell our captain that a guy who clearly teaches and can be proven to teach is okay because he hasn't supposedly taught in so long. Now I have texts on my phone where he was trying to get buisness just in the last year. I think they clearly bust who they want to bust. I told the captain to get her to send that in an email. The truth is we were going to get him to play with us but didn't want to add him because we knew he was illegal. I like Alta but at times they just like any other league can be full of it depending on what coordinators you get.

I saw a couple of years ago some ladies were late to a playoff 35 minutes late and they got forfeited, but because they knew some folks high up in Alta, They tried to make them go back and play that match the next Saturday...and only because the team threatened to call the media in and make a big deal of it, the other team just canceled which really saved Alta's @$$. I think if you don't want to enforce the rule across the board they should get rid of it. I've seen it done to teams but I've never seen Alta try to go back and cover a team's @$$ like that on a rule that was clearly broken. I was there and the team was clearly late. Their 2's got there but their one's were about 35 minutes late...a clear violation. So the rules come and go depending on who's getting the short end of the stick.
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