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Thanks for the "low down" on ALTA. I didn't mean to imply that you were making anything up. I think I've heard a number of people (but not all) tell me how "wonderful" and "perfect" ALTA is after I moved to Atlanta that I started forming a picture of what ALTA must be like.

I'll definitely keep your comments in mind while staying positive as I experience ALTA first hand.

Thanks again for your help.

Originally Posted by chatt_town View Post
It is friendly most of the time, but just like with anything else, it has it's ugly sides. I think the reason the this team even forfeited the team is because it got done to them. The problem I had with Alta is they should stand behind their rules regardless as to who it may effect....or get rid of the rule. I think it's silly to forfeit all the lines anyway if one court is late. Again, this was a playoffs They do some under handed stuff that I won't really get into only because you really can't prove a lot of it but you can see what is going on a lot of times.

If I say something here about them, there is proof that it has happened. I still prefer it over USTA although I wished the would find a way to include singles, but I still like it over USTA. They at least don't try to beat you out of as much money as USTA.
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