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Well, as your own signature astutely suggests, no one paid for my opinions as well. I suppose the value of my opinions are inherently worth what one paid for them in the first place.

But I stand by my comments that I think part of being a great tennis captain involves attributes like maturity, objectiveness, and not taking things personally. The same could be said about being a great corporate manager and leader.

The OP's reaction to my comments doesn't inspire me from the perspective of those attributes. Something tells me that some of his team probably thinks the same.

Originally Posted by ohplease View Post
Workplace management has difference vs. captaining that are subtle in appearance - but HUGE in effect. For example: people have to deal with their managers until they leap the hurdle to go get a new job. People can (and will) flake out on rec league captains with near zero effort.

Just about all captains have played for another captain as a team member at some point in time. Very few team members have captained. Unless you've actually captained, at best you can comment as a team member. The value of your comments regarding how one should captain is vanishingly small.
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